The New Year for some people doesn’t always mean eating healthier or exercising more. With the start of a new decade, it’s the perfect time to accomplish any financial goals you may have.

Going through breast cancer can often take a toll on anyone’s finances because no one plans for breast cancer. So, taking charge of your finances and planning can alleviate major stress and help you focus on healing.

Whether your undergoing breast cancer treatment, or just want to plan for a more secure future, instead of creating a list of ideas, here are some action items that can help you plan for your financial wellness and accomplish those financial goals this year!

1. Create an Emergency Fund

No one plans for anything bad to happen to them, so when emergency strikes it can take a serious toll on you if you have to drain your account. Many financial columns suggest that the proper emergency fund amount is about 3-6 months of expenses, but for everyone that might look differently, so don’t let this intimidate you.

Take action: Start a separate savings account where you can compile 5-10% of your paychecks and you’ll be surprised at how fast this can grow.

2. Maximize Your Benefits

Often times many employers offer a variety of different benefits and even perks for working for them. You don’t want to miss out on opportunities that are offered just because you didn’t ask or know that program existed.

Take action: Talk with HR. Learn what kind of benefits you are offered and what you might not be utilizing. For example, if your company matches a percentage that you put into a 401K, take advantage. That’s free money, while it may not be a lot and can take time to acquire, don’t pass up free money that can set you up in the long run. By understanding all your benefits, whether they are health related or not, you can find a lot more support that you might have realized leading to a happier work environment.

3. Don’t be Afraid to Seek Help

Everyone has some sort of stressors when it comes to money. Whether your concerned about your current debt, how to build your savings, or just understanding if your using your money properly, seeking help from Financial Experts can help you become more confident in how you use your money.

Take action: set up an appointment with a Financial Planner or even grab a copy of a financial wellness book and start learning how you can best be using and planning with your money. You might even be surprised at how much your already doing right!