Finding Your Workout Passion


So Tori blogged last week about how she had little motivation to workout and to exercise. Not going to lie, I have found myself in that boat a few times. Some days 5 AM comes too quickly, date night with hubby sounds better than the gym, or you just need that time to hang out with friends and not interrupt gossip with heavy breathing—all instances where motivation is super low when it comes to exercise.

I do love exercising though. 90% of the time I rather be up at 5 AM getting ready to get my morning workout in. Exercise does so many good things for me personally that I have learned to almost “bite the bullet” to include it in my everyday routine. Why do I love exercise? Where do I find motivation? I never really thought of that until I was asked to write this blog.

First, working at iGoPink promoting education on breast cancer prevention and increased survivorship I feel it is only fair to my body to practice what I preach daily. There is tons of research out there stating exercise is a factor in cancer prevention and helps tremendously in fighting breast cancer. I’ve met quite a few ladies who credit their survival of breast cancer to including physical activity. Ladies have told me things like walking, Zumba, and water exercise has kept their minds off treatment and reduced their treatment time. These ladies are such warriors! Sometimes when I don’t want to get out of my bed in the morning I have to tell myself that others are fighting hard to have this opportunity to go for a run, so I take it and roll with it.

Finding passion/motivation/soul purpose to working out is also super dependent on your personality and lifestyle. I am an early bird, I like seeing progress, and I am competitive. These things totally determine my workout routine. Again 90% of the time I do my workout in the morning, because hey I am already up and why not? Workouts that involve timing myself like running on the treadmill for 2 minutes longer than last week, or squatting 15 more pounds the week before are both aspects of my daily routine that I can see progress. For me things like Zumba or a spin class don’t really help me measure progress in my workouts, so I don’t stick with those. Finally any competition is good competition in my eyes. If my husband got up and ran 20 minutes that morning — I am getting up and running 25.

Not an early bird/competition monster/visual worker like myself? Awesome! That’s great because like our moms told us we are all special! The goal to finding motivation and soul in your exercise routine is again about your personality and lifestyle. I have friends who totally use their hour lunch break to do a quick run and some ab work during the week. I also have night owl friends that you will find every day at the 8:00 PM spin class because they love biking but also really enjoy group exercise.

Take some time to list out your current strengths and likes. Hopefully this will guide you to find the exercise routine perfect for you? What is your motivation and passion when exercising? Love to hear it!

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