Winter Is Here… How to Dress For the Occassion

With all the freakishly wintry weather here in Texas… well around the country in general, “What’s up bomb cyclone!” I’ve had to learn how to dress warmly for work without looking like I literally just threw on 3 hoodies and fleece-lined leggings. I don’t particularly have a closet filled with a bunch of cold-weather gear, and honestly don’t feel like going on a shopping spree for parkas and thick knitted sweaters (I guarantee it’ll be 90 degrees here next winter). So, I have learned to love and style/accessorize with wintry weather wear such as cute headgear.

The top of your head releases the most heat, so when you’re in colder weather and find yourself chilly it’s a great option to cover your head up with a warm cap, cute headband or even some earmuffs! I have 3 go-to headpieces that I love wearing around in the cold weather, but can also be perfect if you find yourself to be a little chilly any time of year.


First, I literally love my UGG earmuffs. Yes, they are a little pricey, but such a great investment. I have had my ear muffs for over 8 years and they are still in perfect condition. I have a black pair that I can literally wear out on a nice date night or can just throw on with my leggings and tennis shoes running to the grocery store. Keeping your ears covered surprisingly keeps the rest of your body warmer than if they were exposed to the cold air.

If I’m not feeling my earmuffs then I also love a cute knitted headband to keep my head and ears warm. These are super cheap… like I’m talking under $2.00 a headband. This means I snagged a couple different colors to match different outfits. I also love these because they are also really cute with a lot of my fall outfits too, so I can rock them from October through February!

Finally the trusty beanie! Full head coverage to keep all that cozy warmth right on top of your head. There are so many different styles of beanies now, I think they are super cute if they have a little pom-pom on top. We are also including beanies in this month’s Feeling Beautiful Again program, to help keep ladies warm in the cold weather or even during treatment sessions where hospitals can tend to be a bit chilly!

Feeling Beautiful Again is where we send bags filled with cosmetics, accessories, and personal care items to breast cancer patients and survivors all over the country. Do you know someone touched by breast cancer or do you work at a cancer facility where you interact with breast cancer patients daily? You can request bags for all these beautiful ladies right here on our website.

Bundle up buttercups with some of these wintry weather wear ideas! And don’t forget to request a Feeling Beautiful Again bag for a lovely lady who has been touched by breast cancer.

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