Wine Women & Shoes Houston: What to Wear?

Wine Women & Shoes…what more does a woman really need than her best girlfriends, a glass of her favorite sips and then did I say shoes?  This right here is the ultimate equation for a PERFECT girl’s night out and better yet, the evening will support iGoPink & the programs of The Breast Cancer Charities of America.  So not only are you having fun, but you’re doing good at the same time! 

But what many women will ask, “what do I wear to this event?”  Ballgown or cocktail dress, business casual or black tie formal?  Keep reading ladies and you’ll get the perfect idea of what to wear for this fabulous evening of fun!

Be-YOU-tiful…that pretty much sums up the perfect attire + ensembles for the evening.  Wine Women & Shoes is a celebration of women; it’s a celebration of our sisters, girlfriends, neighbors, daughters…it’s a night to honor women we’ve lost to the horrible disease of breast cancer and a night to celebrate with a runway of local breast cancer survivors.  And being YOU is what it’s all about—breast cancer doesn’t discriminate, and this evening and events provides something for everyone.

But for those of you truly wondering what do most attendees tend to wear?  Go open your closet and find your favorite little black cocktail dress/jumpsuit/pants + fun top and you will fit RIGHT IN!  Wine Women & Shoes truly sees a bit of everything for attire.  We’ve had attendees come in ballgowns (that was what they felt most beautiful in); we’ve had attendees come in business attire; we’ve had attendees come in cocktail gowns and attendees come in summer dresses.  It’s all about what makes your feel confident and how you will carry that outfit and confidence.

However, one of the most fun (and fashionably important) parts of the whole evening…SHOES!  This event is THE TIME to bring out your favorite, sparkling, wild colored, chic & classy heels, pumps, wedges, boots, platforms and more.  The number of gorgeous shoes in the room will blow you away!  You will hear women right and left saying, “where’d you get those shoes?” And icing on the cake, there’s a ‘Best in Shoe’ competition for the evening also! 

Key of the whole evening when you’re pulling together your outfit, be you.  Find something that makes you feel amazing and wear it with confidence.  Whether it’s a LBD or it’s a pair of leggings with your favorite shoes and blinged out earrings.  This is the event to celebrate our individuality, beauty, strength and support women in an evening of giving. 

Can’t wait to see you there!