Mission Statement

The Breast Cancer Charities of America exists to eliminate breast cancer as a life-threatening illness.  We bring together organizations representing all health and social service disciplines in the commitment to establish new and unprecedented levels of effectiveness in research, education, advocacy and support.  BCCA is the only non-profit bringing the ‘integrated cancer care’ message to women of America.

Why another breast cancer charity?

The Breast Cancer Charities of America (BCCA) is the only non-profit bringing the “integrated cancer care” message to the women of America. We bring together the different health care and allied health care disciplines—oncology, nursing, psychology, sociology, nutrition, exercise physiology, spirituality and more. Working together, these professions comprise the new discipline of “integrated cancer care.” Integrated cancer care is long overdue in this nation. Today it holds the one best promise for preventing, treating and surviving breast cancer. It saves lives!

What exactly is “integrated cancer care?”

Integrated cancer care brings the “whole person”—body, mind and spirit—to the cancer prevention, treatment and recovery effort. Traditional cancer care stops with surgery and chemotherapy. Integrated cancer care adds to orthodox care the important elements of nutrition, exercise, mind/body, social support and even a search for greater meaning. When the whole person gets well, the body will often follow.

Does integrated care replace medicine?

No. Integrated cancer care is employed in addition to, not in place of, orthodox medicine. Many of the leading edge scientific studies show techniques like diet, exercise, and social support can be as powerful as drugs and surgery. BCCA exists to deliver this message to women with breast cancer and to educate healthcare providers with this news. The result: we will change medicine and we will save lives.

I’ve never heard of The Breast Cancer Charities of America.

It is an organization that brings together progressive breast cancer authorities from a variety of healthcare and allied professions, experts with literally hundreds of years of combined experience. BCCA is an agent for change. The group is dedicated to ending breast cancer as a life-threatening illness.

How will the funds be used?

Financial support will be used to conduct research on the link between breast cancer and nutrition. Funding will also be employed to educate the public and health care professionals on integrated cancer care. Another portion of gifts will be dedicated to the Help Now Fund, which provides emergency financial assistance to help people in active treatment with their rent and utilities; University Educational Program, which promotes the prevention message to college campuses and young women as they make healthy lifestyle choices; Feeling Beautiful Again, a program service designed by a breast cancer survivor to provide a gift bag filled with educational and beauty items that addresses the psychological side of breast cancer and not feeling like a woman; Survivor Kits that go into over 450 hospitals nationwide as a tool for step by step directions on the breast cancer journey; Educational Empowerment Programs, teaching women across the US the steps to prevention & survivorship of breast cancer and Medical Missions of providing clean medical supplies to impoverished nations.

The Breast Cancer Charities of America. Changing breast cancer! Join the movement!