One new trend that has quickly become part of our new normal as we navigate the pandemic is virtual events, virtual meetings, pretty much everything being virtual. But one strange virtual concept that can be hard to get used to is a virtual doctor’s visit. So. here is everything you need to know about having a successful virtual doctor’s visit.

Check with your insurance to see if they cover a virtual doctors visit.

With many doctor’s offices moving to virtual visits to help keep those at high risk from being exposed to COVID-19 many insurance policies have had to change as well. Currently both Medicaid and Medicare have made changes to cover virtual visits.

Have a purpose during your virtual visit.

Like most doctors’ visits, it’s important to have a purpose and a list of questions to allow you to stay on track and remember important answers the doctor may give you during your visit. You can find a list of questions to ask by downloading our Create Wellness booklet.

Be flexible and patient when it comes to technology.

Many doctors’ offices use different systems for hosting their calls, so be sure to double check with their office that you have the right website or app downloaded for the visit. That being said you should also plan to be patient when it comes to possible connection issues and have tools on hand that allow you to have a successful visit since doctors aren’t able to take certain measurements through your screen. Here are some tools that you should have on hand just in case:

  • Headphones or earbuds: Having headphones or earbuds allows for better audio so you can hear your doctor more clearly.
  • Thermometer or blood pressure cuff: Depending on the type of doctor’s visit some offices might require you to have these tools on hand if they are vital to the type of visit you are having.

Your doctors can still prescribe you most medications virtually.

Depending on the goal of your doctor’s visit, many doctors can still prescribe you certain medications and they can either be mailed directly to your home or available to be picked up at a local pharmacy. But some medications are not available to be prescribed virtually as they do require an in-person visit, so be sure to check with your doctor’s office before the virtual visit if you are needing a prescription refill.