What to Feed your Body Post-Workout

My two favorite parts of my day are: 1. Any time I am eating (i.e. all the time lol) and 2. My exercise time. There’s no doubt, and we’ve blogged about it so many times, that exercise has an infinite number of health benefits. Reducing your risk for diseases including breast cancer, better sleep, increased heart health and more. But are you really getting all the benefits of your workout? Exercising helps your body tremendously, but at the end of your sweat sesh your tank is almost on “E”. To reap all the benefits, it is crucial to understand what to feed your body post workout. Consuming specific foods post workout guarantees your body has the fuel to adapt, recover, and improve.

Protein is an essential nutrient in the repair and growth of muscles after exercise. Whether you just finished a long walk or an intense Crossfit workout, the muscles in your body will need protein to speed repair and increase strength. A small amount of carbohydrates is also good to include in your post-workout snack or meal. Carbohydrates are the “gas that fills your tank”. Just because carbs are consumed to fuel the workout does not mean they do not need to be replenished. Below are some of my favorite snacks and meals to feed my body post-workout.

eggs and toast post-workoutEggs with Whole Grain Avocado Toast

I generally workout in the morning (fasting workout), right when I get out of bed. It’s a personal preference. But this means I get the joy of consuming an amazing breakfast once I am done. I scramble two eggs (so much protein) and pair it with a piece of whole grain avocado toast. You can call me basic, but it is such a good combo. With the combination of protein, grains, and healthy fats it will provide your body with the fuel you need to get you to your next meal.

Peanut Butter, Apples, and Cheese

This is probably one of my faves. I cut up a small to medium sized apple (carbohydrates) and pair it with two tablespoons of peanut butter (protein) and a few cubes of low-fat cheese (a little more protein). I have a few of these snacks packed during the week, which make them a quick and easy grab after I am done with my workout.

Almonds, Baby Carrots and Greek Yogurt RanchAlmonds baby carrots and greek yogurt ranch post-workout

This was a staple during my time in college. I am not sure what got me so obsessed with almonds, but I was eating them with everything. A handful of plain or flavored almonds paired with about ½ cup of baby carrots dipped in Greek yogurt ranch and you are on your way to delicious muscle recovery. The almonds and Greek yogurt are jam packed with protein — and anyone who has tried Atkins in the past knows that carrots are a carb source. Try this combo after your next afternoon workout.

The options seem to be endless. Your body is a complex thing. The more we understand about how to replenish and restore, the more benefits we will gain from exercising and healthy eating. If you need more ideas on what to feed your body post-workout visit some our Healthy Recipes (link “Healthy Recipes” to https://www.pinterest.com/igopink/healthy-recipes/)  Pinterest board!

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