Ways to Ease Nausea During Chemo…

One of the most common side effects while undergoing chemotherapy can be dealing with nausea. Not everybody will experience this uncomfortable side effect, and often, those who experience it may only have mild symptoms. If you’ve deal with it before you know that even the slightest bit of nausea can have a significant impact how much food your able to eat, which can contribute to other health issue. It can often be so hard to deal with nausea that you begin to vomit and don’t even want to get out of bed. So, here are some ways to help ease nausea during chemo treatment.

Avoid strong smells – Half of our taste sensors come from our nose. So, try to avoid places where you might run into unpleasant smells whether thats a department store with tons of perfume, or a restuarant with strong food smells. You can also try opening the windows in your home to let in fresh air!

Eat every 2-3 hours – Sometimes an empty stomach causes a queasy stomach. The best way to avoid running on an empty stomach is to keep simple snacks with you. Pretzels, crackers, cheese, fruit make the perfect snacks if you’re on the go!

Eat what you want to eat – if you’re dealing with nausea and the only thing that sounds appealing is tomato soup or a peanut butter & jelly sandwich then go for it! Don’t try to force yourself to eat a meal that causes your stomach to turn at the thought of it. Everyone is different when dealing with nausea, some get queasy at the thought of salty foods while others get queasy at the thought of sweets. Bottom line is don’t guilt yourself if the only thing you can eat ends up meaning eating like a toddler!

Use ginger and peppermint – Ginger and peppermint are age old remedies used for treating nausea. Make a cup of ginger or peppermint tea, or purchase ginger or peppermint candies. Put a drop of peppermint essential oil on a tissue and bring it with you to inhale. If you enjoy the smell of peppermint, you can even add a few drops to the collar of your shirt, or behind your ears so that you’ve got the scent near by to help ease your sickness!

These are only a few ways to help ease your nausea! Check out the BCHealthline App for more helpful ways you can ease your nausea!