Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Gifts For Your Valentine

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! This is actually one of my favorite holidays for some reason. I love Christmas and Thanksgiving and Halloween, but a whole day dedicated to love is definitely something to celebrate in my book. Even if you’re single, this holiday is still for you! Love yourself, love your friends, love your parents and even your coworkers. 

I know I’ve shared this before on the blog, but my number one “love language” is giving and receiving gifts. I’m pretty sure this started young for me because as long as I can remember, my parents have always given little things to my siblings and me to celebrate. My mom would bring home magazines and my favorite candy after a bad week, or my dad and step mom would take me to buy makeup to celebrate a soccer game win. It’s just always been way to say “Hey, I was thinking of you so I got you XYZ.” 

Every Valentine’s Day that I can remember (and even now, when I’m almost 23), my parents have always done something special for Vday. My mom always made cute little baskets for my brother and I filled with our favorite candy, books, movies, etc. and my dad always had a big stuffed animal and card waiting for me when I came home from school.

So whether you’re looking to gift something to your significant other, your mama, your bestie, or your coworker, I’ve got you covered! 

Valentine's Day

 Kate Spade personalized journal for your bestie

Voluspa Candles for yourself, your mom, or your bff

Nail polish set (so your roomie can paint your nails 🙂 )

 Kate Spade card holder for your coworker coffee mug for your work bff

 Ray-Ban Clubmaster for your boyfriend (because you stole his other pair, sorry babe)

 Crosley Record Player for your bf but also kind of yourself

Will Leather Goods journal (my bf has been asking for this for months)

Jack Black …smells so good


Happy (early) Valentine’s Day! What are your plans this weekend? Ryan and I will be celebrating in San Antonio, TX with chips and salsa (and presents, of course)! 

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