Valentine’s Day Celebrations

Love Is In The Air

Alix on Her Favorite Valentine’s Day Memory:

When my husband and I became boyfriend girlfriend back in the day it was in January. We had not known each other but about 2 or 3 months when our first Valentine’s together hit. I ran around the world trying to get him this hat that I knew he had been eyeing I finally got my hands on it and surprised him with it. However, his plans were way better. He took me to a wonderful dinner in our college town. After we were done eating he pulled in the parking lot of Academy and said I want you to pick out whatever new pair of sneakers you want (I had wore my current pair out and did not want to splurge on new sneaks). All dolled up in my dress and heels, I showcased pair after pair of shoes for him to help me make a decision. I still wear those tennis shoes all the time! One of my favorite Valentine’s for sure.

Tori on Her Love of Valentine’s Day:

Since I can remember, I’ve loved Valentine’s Day. My parents have always made holidays (even the little ones) an excuse to celebrate. We’re a family who likes to party! My Valentine’s celebrations began with my parents gifting my siblings and I baskets of our favorite candy, books, and little trinkets. In elementary school, I looked forward to making cards for my friends (and whoever my crush was at the time). In college, my sorority hosted a Galentine’s Day with movies, popcorn, and pajamas. This year, I spent the weekend celebrating with my boyfriend in San Antonio, TX and had a blast. Every year keeps getting better! 

Jaime on Valentine’s Day Traditions:

Valentine’s Day is my dad’s “assigned holiday” in the family. Because it is his day to plan, he always went all out. Every year he plans this elaborate Valentine’s breakfast – I’m talking tablecloth, decorations everywhere (even hanging from the ceilings), breakfast tacos, baked goods, cards to each one of us… it’s nuts. It was one of my favorite days every year and I’m very jealous that my siblings still get to enjoy it while I’m stuck out here in the real world. Since I’ve been in school and away from my family, I always try to get breakfast tacos one day during Valentine’s Week to keep the tradition going.

Allie on New Traditions:

Valentine’s day is one of my favorite holidays, aside from Thanksgiving. Who doesn’t love a day dedicated to love?
This year we celebrated a little early due to hubby having to work night shift.  We did our usual dinner and gifts, but made it a little more about Camila, our almost 2 year old daughter. We put together a goody basket that included,  new clothes (because babies grow SO, SO fast) , as much chocolate as her tummy can handle, new Disney movies, a plush teddy bear, and a hand print keepsake DIY kit. We decided that it’s something we’ll do every year with her until she finally tells us she’s too old, which I’m kind of hoping is when she’s 30 and at that point I can just move on to her children. (Ok, now I have to stop because I don’t want to think about being a grandma one day).

Tristan on Family Traditions:

My sister and I have been our Dad’s Valentines for as long as I can remember.  Growing up, he would buy us a corsage to wear to school.  When we moved my family back to our home state, he started buying my daughter a Valentine corsage for school too.  I think it is the sweetest tradition!  I absolutely love that I can share that small bit of my Dad with her!  

Erica on Valentine’s Day at Home:

My hubby and I keep things simple for Valentine’s Day.  We always do a date-night-in, as we say it’s an over priced day for wine, flowers and dinner out.  So we make it fun at home–we’ll pick one of our favorite meals (or try something new) that we can cook together, put Pandora on our “us” station: which is Bryan Adams, get a good bottle of wine and spend time with each other away from our phones/computers and work (which in our driven/workaholic family, is a gift within itself!)  And this year, we get to celebrate with the little lady in our life too, so we wouldn’t want to be anywhere different than our home with our sweet little family! 

Stephanie on Her Very Special Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s Day is a very special day for my family because it is also mine and my husband’s anniversary! I thought “what better way to show you how much I love you than to marry you on the day that we celebrate love”. This year is a little different though… I will actually spend V-day and my anniversary without my love. My gift to him this year was a trip to Mexico to visit his favorite person on earth, his Aunt, who is very very old and whom he has not seen in about 8 years. 

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