If I could pick one season to have all year round, it would be Fall. I absolutely love it. The cool crisp air, the leggings and riding boots, all the Fall smells and tastes. It’s seriously my favorite. Living in Texas, the best part of Autumn is the weather. It tends to be in the upper 60s, sometimes overcast sometimes sunny, and always without humidity.

Fall is when we get to enjoy the outdoors without putting ourselves at risk for overheating. Here is the ultimate Outdoor Fall Bucket List, getting you outdoors for your dose of breast cancer-preventing Vitamin D:


1. Explore a Pumpkin Patch

Go with your family or your friends for a fun time finding the most perfect pumpkin to take home for display or Halloween carving! Plus finding a pumpkin patch means you have a reason to get some new family photos or even one for your Instagram! If you don’t have a pumpkin patch near you, visit your local Farmer’s Market who is bound to have a great selection of pumpkins this time of year!


2. Fall Photo Ops

I love taking myself outside and finding different opportunities to take some amazing photos with my friends and family. Whether they be of my family or of nature, it’s a great way to explore my town and be creative. Plus finding a creative outlet can help reduce your stress levels and bring you back down to reality when you might have had a rough day, week, or even month. And taking unlimited photos gives you a lifetime of memories.

3. Frolic With Your Furry Friend

In Texas some parts of the day during the summer can be too hot to take your pup on a walk (burning their paws), but the Fall weather is the perfect opportunity to get some exercise with your fur bestie by going on a walk or visiting your local dog park. Leave your phone at home, or just put it on silent and get outside and spend some quality of time with your fur bestie, not only will it do them well but it will allow you to just enjoy the time outside!

4. Attend an Outdoor Concert

My hubby and I love taking a Sunday afternoon drive and going to a local live band that may be playing on a patio somewhere, whether it’s at a local restuarant or at the local outdoor concert arena. It’s a great opportunity to relax, enjoy some rays and some good tunes and just taking our minds off every day stresses. 

5. Cozy Up With a Fire

Now that Fall is officialy here the evenings are cool enough to build a little campfire and enjoy the evening. Use this time to gather, share stories, take a break from your phone, and just reflect on your friends, family, and good times! Aside from all the talking and laughing, indulge a little and cook some s’mores and enoy a wonderful evening!