Ultimate Best Friend Bucket List…

Everyone has that one friend that is like a soul mate. Best friends are there to always cheer you up, listen when you need to vent, and just relax when needed. Whether you’ve been friends for decades or only a few months, here is a best friends bucket list of things you should do with your bestie that will allow you to reminisce on the good old days!

  • Stay up all night – stay up together watching movies and just talking about life
  • Travel together – whether that’s a weekend road trip or traveling to a different country, having your best friend by your side can make it that much better
  • Have a spa day – there’s nothing better than just having a relaxing day getting pampered, so why not plan a girl’s day with your bestie and relax together
  • Retail therapy – if you’re a girl who loves to shop, bring along your best friend and try on fabulous outfits whether you plan to buy them or not, just have fun dressing up
  • Try a new hobby together – whether you’ve been wanting to try a new fitness class or pottery, grab your gal pal and try it together
  • Jam session – there is nothing better than singing at the top of your lungs. Go see a concert, or create your own jam session at home together
  • Laugh together – having a best friend, you are bound to have a blast together but there is nothing better than having a laugh session together

Best friends are always there for you and can make such a huge impact in your life. Cherish these moment with your best friend and never let them go! What are some ways that you and your best friends like to spend time together? Let us know in the comments below!