Where to Turn During Breast Cancer…

Each person handles a breast cancer diagnosis differently. Whether you are the patient, a spouse, child, or the best friend. There is no doubt that it can have an emotional toll on you. Hearing the words, “breast cancer,” often evoke a lot of emotions. So how can you address and handle those negative emotions to decrease stress and increase health? Often leaning in and getting emotional support is one of the best steps for patients and care givers. So where to turn during breast cancer? We’re here for you!


From those organized by non-profit organizations, to groups formed within the treatment facilities, and even just informal meetings of friends who have been touched by breast cancer, it seems that the options are endless for support groups no matter where you are.

Leaning into a support group allows you to get advice from others who have had or are currently going through breast cancer. Get answers to all your questions from professionals within the field. Have a safe space to speak your fears and let the tears fall. Support groups also create lasting relationships that can span beyond your breast cancer diagnosis, giving you another positive person in your life. Even with the immense amount of support groups offered, you may not have found one that fits you. Whether it’s distance, or you are uncomfortable opening up to a group of people, or it just isn’t your vibe. You shouldn’t miss out on all the wonderful benefits of a support group.


BC Healthline is an app that you can download on your iPhone or Android and be instantly connected for support. The app offers tons of information on all things breast cancer. If you have questions about a certain treatment, how to handle side effects, or what foods to eat. BC Healthline has an answer. The app also asks preliminary questions about demographics to connect you to others who are in the same stages and phases of the journey.

So, if you are a mother with young children battling metastatic breast cancer BC Healthline can connect you with the right people who know what struggles you might be facing. If you are a college student looking for more information on breast cancer prevention, BC Healthline app can help you as well! It is an amazing resource that can guide and support you in order to improve your emotional and physical wellness!

You can download the BC Healthline App for free via the Android or App Store, and for every download, Healthline donates back $3 to The Breast Cancer Charities of America. So get connected and make a difference while doing so!

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