The Truth Behind National Bikini Day

July 5…National Bikini Day.  Who knew there was such a holiday?  (I didn’t until I was looking online for upcoming holidays!)  Where’s the national one-piece swimsuit day; or the national I prefer my cover up holiday?  Somehow, I think the National Holiday Hotline forgot to name those days.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of all types of swimsuits…one piece, two pieces or some days I’m the “I’d rather sit under the umbrella in my workout clothes” sort of gal.  (Personally, I’m still waiting for someone to make a fashionable unitard out of Spanx that will make us all look like runway models when we put it on!)  But today I’m unveiling the truth on what is #NationalBikiniDay

The truth?  Some may ask if there was a lie to begin with, but stay with me here ladies, the truth about this day isn’t about a type of swimsuit, we should be using this ‘holiday’ to celebrate the bodies that we have.  Be it tall, short, big, small…one piece or two…we as a society are so hard on women’s bodies and the image that comes with it.

In working with breast cancer patients at iGoPink, summertime and pool time can really be a hard topic for a LOT of women to discuss.  They just got a double mastectomy, or maybe their scars show for the first time this year when they put on ANY swimsuit.  A swimsuit has this connotation with women of perfection. 

So today I challenge each of you to use National Bikini Day as a day to love the body that you have.  You’re alive.  You’re breathing.  It’s a new day.  Celebrate positive body image vs. getting yourself down about what the other mom at the pool looks like in her swimsuit.  Instead, love the body you have.  Take care of that body—go for a walk, make a healthy salad and fresh fruit and sit outside (with your sunblock on) near a pool or lake and put your swimsuit on and be proud of it.

The more we learn to be proud of our own bodies, on National Bikini Day or on any given day, the better self-image and confidence that we’ll portray to our daughters, cousins, nieces and young women in our lives.  We need to start painting an image not of a ‘perfect bikini body’ but of a ‘perfect healthy woman’.  I’m proposing we start National Healthy Woman Day instead of Bikini Day. 

Stand up…make today the day that you start something good for your body or maybe you help to go inspire a friend to do something good for their body.  We’re women empowering women…one by one we make each other stronger, feel more beautiful and walk through life with confidence.

Cheers ladies…to making our bikini/one-piece/unitard swimsuit world a better place!  Happy summer! 

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