The Trending Workout You Need to Try

The Trending Workout You Need to Try to Better Your Health

I’m in this phase of my life where I don’t necessarily have as much free time anymore, which I’m totally cool with. But just like my schedule doesn’t let me watch all my favorite shows (hallelujah for my DVR holding all my very important Bachelor episodes) my schedule also does not allow for hours at the gym. Awhile back I was working out here at a gym right next to our iGoPink Headquarters and from my doorstep, through my workout, getting ready, and getting to work on time literally was a 3-4 hour ordeal. Not to mention it was like packing for a weekend vacay every evening just to make sure I had all my daily beauty & eating essentials. I decided I needed to try something completely different, on-demand workouts.

When I started doing on-demand workouts, I immediately connected with the women we serve daily. I spend such a large portion of my day figuring out how we can help women prevent and survive breast cancer. We preach the importance of exercise in prevention and survivorship of breast cancer, and I love sharing how what I am doing in my life could possibly be used to do just that… prevent and survive breast cancer.


First, on-demand workouts range from 20 to 60-minute videos that you can literally access anywhere based on what program you choose. I’ve done workouts from my phone while in a hotel room and regularly use my laptop at home to access my daily workout. Beachbody On-Demand (the program I use) has everything from high-intensity Insanity workouts to low-intensity quick yoga sequences. Maybe you don’t have the energy or range of motion that you need to attend a workout class because you are going through treatment. That’s where on-demand programs are so vital. You can take 15 to 30 minutes to do a low impact workout that has modifications, and pause the video to take a breath or two. Maybe you are a regular gym rat (that was totally me) but you want the flexibility of doing a high-intensity sweat sesh at whatever time of day and getting it all done within 45 minutes compared to the 2 hours used to travel and workout at the gym.

Point is, whatever your levels or goals are on-demand workouts have been evolving to meet all of those. On-demand workouts have revolutionized to become something that is so easy to fit into our busy, crazy lives leaving us with no excuse to take the best care of our bodies. Again, I am a part of the Beachbody community, but there are so many different opportunities that my friends love to use. Daily Burn, Peloton, and even YouTube (search beginner Yoga) offer great options sans gym.

By having workouts readily available, it makes creating an excuse near impossible. I think since I started doing on-demand workouts I’ve missed one or two days just due to pure laziness. Not to mention I’ve gained more time in my days to focus on other aspects of my life, I’ve saved a ton of money by passing on a gym membership, and I have found a program that genuinely keeps me on my toes every day. But again, I want you all to know what I have gained so hopefully you can gain something as well. Check out a similar video for On-Demand workouts below!

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