Why You Have to Treat Yourself

Treat. Yo. Self.

Do you ever have days where you just feel so BLAH? Your makeup isn’t coming out right, your hair isn’t how you want it, you feel bloated and why are you having such a problem finding an outfit that you like?! Been there, done that more than I’d like to admit. I’ve given attitude or negative energy where it wasn’t needed just because I was having a bad day, or wasn’t feeling good about myself.  Really though, my problems had to do more with what was going on inside rather than the outside.

Bit of background, I’ve worked in an office of only girls (with the exception of 2 men AT MOST) for the past 4 years now. Holy estrogen, right? My first real job, as much as I loved it, was trial and error. After a year & a half, I finally had to step back and really evaluate myself as a person. I noticed myself being mean when it wasn’t needed, having a problem with another coworker and holding that grudge instead of resolving it. I took part in those nasty whispers, and rude glares. I had become a mean girl and I didn’t like it.

What was I going to do to change that? Who did I want to be perceived as a person? Definitely not a mean girl. I did some inner searching, took time to really get to become self-aware.  For those of you who don’t know me, I LOVE the TV show Parks and Recreations. I learned my little mantra from this show and I’ve lived by it since.


Not much more to it than that. I hold my “treat yo self” day each month because why not, right? It makes me feel happy, it’s a stress reliever, and it helps me to get right with my inner self. My version goes as such: breakfast at my favorite place, followed by a deluxe pedicure with all extras that I usually don’t get because it costs $50+ and your girl just really doesn’t have that money to spend 2-3 time a month. Next, shopping!! *cue the fireworks* There is always that dress, shirt, perfect pair of heels, or to-die-for handbag that is overly priced but you love it so much and on any other day you’d say “no way, not spending that money” but on this day, you just have listen to that little voice inside your head and treat yo’ self! After I’ve blown more money than I should have, home is my next stop. Running a bubble bath, applying a face mask, pouring a glass of wine, and grabbing a good book is how I end my day. By this point I’m so blissfully happy and ready for a nap. 

 In the end, The whole point of treat yo self-day is to make you feel good about yourself. Do whatever it is that you love, take time to enjoy life! This month I splurged on a new and bag and wallet and I have no regrets! Check them out 😊 How do you treat yourself?!

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