It is official, fall is *finally* right around the corner! One fashion trend I’ve been keeping an eye on is the top fall nail trends! I mean after all you have to make sure your nails look flawless while you’re holding onto that pumpkin spice latte! Of course, there are SO many more nail trends than the ones we have listed, these are just the ones that I’m totally loving right now. If you try any of them out feel free to tag us on Instagram at @_iGoPink. We cannot wait to see which ones are your favorites!


Negative Space

We are loving this fall nail trend! The possibilities with utilizing the negative space on your nails is ENDLESS! You can use any nail polish color and get super creative with the designs all on your own! Check out this quick easy tutorial (linked below) on how to achieve a flawless mani without spending a fortune to get picture perfect nails.

5 Perfect Ways to Wear Negative Space Nails


Chrome Nails

This is a nail trend that has been around since summer. Well ladies it will be moving into fall as well! But we are trading in the bright colors for cool, fall ones. The chrome look gives a geometric finish that will not be going out of style any time soon! Wondering how you can get this look? You can actually buy chrome nail polish from most drug stores! Shop one of our favorites below!

Essie – Mirror Metalic Nail Polish

3D Nail Art

3D nail art will always be one of my favorites! Whether your into glitter, or full on diamonds. You can put just about anything on your nails these days, creating the perfect custom and unique mani! You can purchase nail jewels on amazon or even at your local beauty store. Add them to just one nail or to all ten of them! Search away on pinterest and you will be blown away by all the amazing and extravagant manicures out there.


Patterned Nails

Different patterned nails are so popular right now! A lot of the most common patterns are often created with a toothpick using various colors. Whether you’re into plaid, stars, or even flowers. You can achieve just about any pattern on your nails! Here’s a favorite tutorial that you can give a try on your own at home!

Leopard Nail Art Tutorial


Gradient/Ombre Nails

How perfect is this pink gradient nail look?! It may seem difficult to achieve but it surprisingly isn’t! All you need is 3 nail colors that can blend together easily and a beauty sponge! The colors you choose do not have to be the same either! You could do a blue to green gradient to create a unique look as well! As we move into the fall season you can try this out with dark maroon and red colors!

5 Ways to Get Ombre/Gradient Nails – Tutorial