Easy Moves to Tone Your Upper Body

How to Tone Your Upper Body


I have always been apprehensive to tone my arms and shoulders. I, like many other women, didn’t want to lift a bunch of weights and end up getting “bulky” or “masculine” looking. But, the more I learn about fitness, the more I am starting to understand the importance of full body strength training.

Huffington Post wrote an article about the benefits of lifting weights and the results were crazy. When you lift weights…

You’ll live longer

Sleep better

Notice your progress sooner

Protect your bones

Increase your balance

Be happier (because of lifting’s link to the reduction of anxiety and depression symptoms)

Burn more calories because it takes more calories to maintain muscle than fat

Lower your blood pressure

I don’t always like to go to the gym when I’m working out so I am always looking for a good in-home machine-free workout. So here is a great, no-machine workout that can get you started on a stronger upper body. All you need are a pair of free weights!

2 minutes of cardio (jumping jacks, high knees, pick your poison)

20 push ups

15 arm circles

20 bicep curls

Rest for 1 minute

20 triceps extensions

15 bent over rows

1 minute forearm plank

20 triceps dips

20 overhead shoulder press

Rest for one minute

Repeat 3x and be ready with the ice bath tomorrow!

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