1.) If I have a lump then I definitely have breast cancer. This is not neccessarily the case. Lumps can also be caused by a cyst (fluid-like sacs) or can be non cancerous lumps. Nevertheless, anyone with a lump should be evaluated by a physician.

2.) I can tell the difference between a cancerous lump and non cancerous lump. Unless you have undergone screening tests to determine whether or not you have breast cancer, cancerous lumps feel no different. For some women it is hard to feel a lump in the breasts.

3.)If it is small, there is nothing to worry about until it grows. This couldn’t be more false because research shows that the earlier breast cancer is detected, the greater the chances of survival.

4.)I feel fine except for the lump so I will wait to call the doctor. Call the doctor and get  yourself checked out.

5.) I have no family history, therefore I am safe. This unfortunately is not the case. Cancer does not discriminate between people who have a family history. In face most of the cases are women who have never had breast cancer in their family.

Information provided by www.webmd.com