By Tedi Cox

The day I discovered the lump in my right breast was the day that changed my life! With great trepidation I made an appointment with my doctor. After he examined me he sent me to have a mammogram and then to a surgeon who recommended I have a biopsy as soon as possible.

After the biopsy, while still in the operating room I heard the technician come into the room and whisper to the surgeon, “It’s malignant.” By the way, I also heard him get a reprimand for reporting the news so that I could hear it. That wasn’t normal procedure.

I was devastated. I was in my early 40’s. There was no breast cancer in my family. The diagnosis was shocking. I had always tried to eat healthy and exercise was a big part of my life.

When I recovered from the initial shock, I decided to work on my attitude and put the rest in God’s hands. I had a wonderful, supportive and loving family and friends. My husband, Danny, and three daughters, Lisa, Kendra and Darcie were members of my recovery team. We all worked together. I knew that with hope, faith and love I’d get through this.

My doctor recommended that I have a modified radical mastectomy as I had a very fast growing kind of cancer. Surgery was set up for the next week and within two weeks of discovering the lump I was in the operating room.

I was aware the surgery would leave a scar. My surgeon encouraged me to have reconstruction a few months later. The mastectomy surgery went well and that night I was sitting up reading a mystery novel when my anesthesiologist came to check on me. He was surprised to see how fast I was recovering from the anesthesia.

The following morning my surgeon awakened me. He said, “I have great news. Your lymph nodes are completely clear and you’ll need no radiation or chemo.” Then he went on to say that because I had discovered the lump early and had the mammogram, biopsy and surgery soon the outcome was excellent. Let’s hear it for early detection!! With that morale boosting, good news all I had to do was to work on a full recovery. So that I would have something to look forward to, my husband and I planned a cruise through Scandinavia, which we took six months later. Also, I planned my reconstructive surgery a week after returning from the cruise.

Stay Tuned till Tomorrow to hear the rest of this amazing survival story!!