17 07, 2019

Yoga Poses to Help Refresh Your Mind

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Yoga Poses to Help Refresh Your Mind... Namaste my beautiful yogis! The popularity of this 5,000-year-old tradition has skyrocketed in the US as men and women across the country swarm to their gym’s yoga classes to reap the physical benefits that yoga promises. The meditative aspect of yoga, however, opens up any yoga [...]

15 07, 2019

Survivor Story: Angela

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Angela - "It was such a nice surprise to receive such an uplifting gift, especially when you are feeling very unattractive." I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October of 2017 and am still undergoing treatment. After I came out of my reconstruction surgery I received a special gift. The Breast Cancer [...]

15 07, 2019

7 Healthy Snacks for Your Summer Road Trip

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7 Healthy Snacks for Your Summer Road Trip... On the road again…raise your hand if you and your family love a good road trip!  It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, summer, winter, spring or fall, to me, a road trip is so much fun!  It gives you dedicated time to [...]

12 07, 2019

Beauty Tips for Beginners

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Beauty Tips for Beginners... Does the thought of putting on tons of makeup frighten you? Well if you’re a total beginner when it comes to makeup, you’ve come to the right place! Here at The Breast Cancer Charities of America, we offer a beauty program to women battling breast cancer called Feeling Beautiful [...]

8 07, 2019

Newly Diagnosed: How to Tell Your Loved Ones

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Newly Diagnosed: Telling Your Loved Ones... Working with The Breast Cancer Charities of America I have the absolute blessing of getting to meet so many amazing breast cancer thrivers. I’ve heard so many stories of women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and their journeys and each one is unique, but also [...]

5 07, 2019

How to Get Over a Workout Slump

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How to Get Over a Workout Slump... It’s raining.  It’s too hot.  It’s my mother’s birthday.  It’s vacation. I didn’t sleep well last night….do you get my gist?  Who has been there with every excuse in the books about why you CAN’T work out?  I’m pretty sure we all have been at some [...]

3 07, 2019

Eating Healthy on a Budget

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Eating Healthy on a Budget... Let’s talk healthy eating. Many of us associate health eating with having to drop $100+ at the grocery store on ridiculously priced items that last us a week at best. Which is why 9 times out of 10 we opt to turn down the frozen food aisle and [...]

1 07, 2019

Hair Care Tips for After Chemo

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Hair Care Tips for After Chemo... Figuring out how to navigate hair styling and growth after undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer can be a challenge for a lot of women. For many women who lose their hair, it can often grow back a different color of even texture, leaving women feeling uncertain on [...]

28 06, 2019

Where to Turn During Cancer

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Where to Turn During Breast Cancer... Each person handles a breast cancer diagnosis differently. Whether you are the patient, a spouse, child, or the best friend. There is no doubt that it can have an emotional toll on you. Hearing the words, “breast cancer,” often evoke a lot of emotions. So how can [...]