I have the wonderful opportunity to work at this amazing place. Pause. I have the AMAZING opportunity to serve as Programs Director, literally my job is to figure out how to serve more women affected by breast cancer each day. 2017 has been my first full year at iGoPink and I’ve heard so many beautiful and touching stories.

When we write these blogs we are supposed to share what we think will inspire others going through this breast cancer journey, or something that I think will inspire someone to become pro-active in breast cancer prevention, or just something inspiring overall. And I am not sure how I pushed through these past 12 months blogging on topics hopefully inspiring someone when there have been countless women who continue to inspire me. Don’t look at me, these women (YOU) are the inspiration!

Some days I answer the phone, in honestly the most cruddy, bad vibes mood, to a breast cancer patient who is battling one of the greatest battles of their life. She will tell me, “the sun is still shining, God has blessed me to be alive another day,” and she will continue to fight. She (that lady I talked to for maybe 5 minutes over the phone) has inspired me.

Also, being in the heart of Hurricane Harvey brought forth so many courageous stories from women who were not only battling breast cancer, they were now devastated by the damages Harvey brought upon their homes, vehicles, and life. From Rebecca, a woman who was just seeing the light and completing all of her treatment who then lost her home and all of her belongings to the flood. To another woman, I met who found out she had breast cancer two days before Harvey hit her home causing damage. All of these women have such drive, strength, and beauty in their hearts that they continue to inspire me every day. As they continue to fight for their health, while simultaneously dealing with the consequences that came with Hurricane Harvey.

I guess what I am getting at is I constantly am trying to pull and search for inspiration to share with you all on this blog, but in reality, these people who have battled or are currently battling breast cancer inspire me daily. Yes I work Monday – Friday, 9 to 5, but my head and my heart never stop thinking about each and every breast cancer patient and survivor, and their families that I have “met” daily. You all are my inspiration, and I encourage anyone who is searching for some inspiration to look at the stories that all these beautiful women have shared from their journeys.