Summer Ab Workout for a Stronger Core…

Working out your core is more than just having a six pack to go along with you bikini out at the beach. Honestly, most people can have an amazingly strong core without the six pack appearance. Working your core and making it strong is great for posture, balance, and overall healthy living. If your yearning for a strong core and maybe even trying to get that six pack before the summer ends, I have some great moves that will build a strong core.

Plank Variations

The plank is my favorite core move. 1. I’m not the best at removing tension from my neck and shoulders when I do moves on my back and 2. There are so many fun variations you can do! A basic plank you start with you palms on the ground under your shoulders and feet about hip width apart on your toes. Back is flat (you’re not arched or hips are not dipping) and your middle is strong. Once you’ve got the base down you can do some of my favorite variations:

  • Shoulder taps – balancing and tapping your palm to the opposite shoulder, alternating sides.
  • Jacks – jump your feet in and out while still keeping a flat straight back
  • Spiders – Bring your knee out and to a 90 degree angle towards the elbow

See how long you can do these for and build up your time!

Standing Oblique Crunches

You’ll need some weight for this one. Standing straight up with feet hip width apart hold the dumbbell in one hand to the side of you body. Without turning your hips, slowly lower down the side of your leg as far as you can without lifting your opposite foot. Bring yourself back up while contracting your abs. That’s one rep! Try doing 25 reps on each side.

Reverse Crunches

This is the only core exercise I’m able to do on my back safely. On a mat lay with your back on the ground, hands to your side with palms down. Bring your legs up to create a table top. Slowly lower the legs and tap the toes to the ground making sure your lower back stays stuck to the mat. If you need to modify try doing one leg at a time, it still works like crazy! Want to crank it up? Take your legs from a 90 degree table top to straight and pointed and lower that way!

These are just some of my favorite moves to create a strong core. We’re coming up on the last weeks of summer so continue to enjoy the weather and get your body moving!