Thanksgiving has passed, which means it is time to start holiday shopping and walk off the 10 pounds I gained over the last week from stuffing my face with too much bread, yams and pecan pie.  Over the Thanksgiving break I was made aware that I am now of age and must participate in the giving of gifts and not just receiving.  While we are on the subject of age, I am petitioning for the commencement of gift giving to start when I am out of my 20’s.  If I am being totally honest, I may look like a 23-year-old, but my bank account is still currently a child and cannot support the funds needed to buy my 57 family members presents.  Kidding, kidding (kind of…LOL)! 

Back on subject!  So, what do you buy the recipient you have chosen for secret Santa or what type of gift do you contribute to the white elephant exchange?  The Holidays always seem to be the most stressful for everyone all around, unless you are one of those crazy organized people who are done with all the shopping by November.  Kudos to you!  I aspire to be like you one day!  This year I decided to make my gifts themed-stress relief.  *Sparks Fly*!!  Really though, stress may seem like it is all in your head, but when you start to stress yourself too much you can negatively affect not only your mind, but body and spirit too.  Working with women who so graciously battle breast cancer I always hear that stress can either make or break you, and it is so important to have a stress-free environment.   Whether it is in your car singing along to your blaring radio, in a hot bubble bath or reading your favorite book with a nice facemask and your favorite candle burning, STRESS-FREE IS HOW I WANT TO BE!  Say it with me!

Okay, okay.  I know I joke a lot, but I hope you at least see my vibrant personality through my blog posts!  I am here only 2-3 times per month and my goal is to deliver our readers a smile!  For this holiday season of gift giving, check out my top three gifts!

Kikkerland Head Massager










Relaxation Gift Bag

Volcano Candle