There is a saying, “Other people are not your competition, but your procrastination is.” Sometimes we can all fall guilty to doing any and everything to not check off items within our to-do list. Whether we mindlessly wander to our phones and end up scrolling social media, get a bit chatty with our co-workers, or turn a small closet clean out into a full blown session down memory lane (been there done all of those) we all have our vices that enable us to procrastinate.

Time is so unbelievably valuable, so not using to get things done can truly mess up your whole vibe. I’ve had a to-do list that seems to keep growing and not shrinking and was bound to start checking off any and everything. Whether your to-do list includes self-care and your road to breast cancer recover, dishing through those business plans, or cleaning the house, here are some tips that helped me focus on the task at hand and avoid procrastination.

  • Move/Turn Off Your Phone. GASP! What if someone texts me? What if I miss an email or social update? You will be fine, I promise. Moving your phone out of eye’s sight and arm’s reach is a really great method to keeping focused. It also can reduce your stress and give you some time to focus on
  • Try Closed Door Policy. Need to really get something done in the home or office, close the door. Sounds harsh but shutting yourself out from distractions makes for an hour can make it seem as you have double the time. No interruptions equals focused work time.
  • Draw up a Plan. Don’t know where to start with your to-do list? Prioritize task and determine what tasks will take a large chunk of time and those that can be done quickly. Once you know what absolutely has to get done within the next hour or what can wait until tomorrow, you can focus your attention better.
  • Make it Social. Home office filing and shredding is so dull. But turn on some great tunes, bring in your most productive circle of friends/family, and make it fun. Everyone has a task and a time-limit. Ready, set, go!