The holidays can be hard with all of the sugar and large meals that are hosted throughout the season. With sugar being a breast cancer-causing agent it is important to watch your intake. Therefore, I have come up with a few helpful tips to stay healthy during the holidays.

  1. Eat something first before heading to a holiday party – This helps you make sure that you do not keep going back and forth to the snack bar or cookie plate.
  2. Stay hydrated and always keep a water bottle on hand – Staying hydrated helps you feel fuller longer (and it’s also amazing for your skin), so make sure to grab a cute holiday cup and keep it filled with water!
  3. Park in the back when you go holiday shopping – Give yourself the extra push to walk further and get those steps in by parking further away, plus it saves you the stress of trying to find a close spot and fighting with all of the crazy holiday shoppers.
  4. Have a workout schedule and an accountability partner – Be accountable for maintaining a normal workout schedule by hitting the gym or going for a walk through the neighborhood with a good friend or family member. Having someone in it with you makes it much easier to be accountable for staying on track!

Just because the holiday season keeps most of us busy does not mean we cannot keep some sort of fitness and health routine schedule. The holiday season is already crazy busy as it is, but taking a second to care for yourself and your health can make a world of difference and even help relieve some stress. So enjoy your holidays and make sure to take care of yourself!