Staple Pieces to Feel Beautiful During Breast Cancer…

Undergoing treatment can take a hard toll on you. The changes you undergo can leave you feeling like a stranger in your own body. I don’t look or feel like myself, I don’t feel pretty, cancer ruined my confidence, I lost my femininity – these are all comments we’ve all heard from women battling breast cancer.

You’d be surprised what a bright + bold lip, a good pair of false lashes and statement earrings can do for a persons well being and confidence. Whether you are in need of a girls day and just want to get a bit glammed up or you’re getting dolled up to celebrate a special occasion – check out these staple pieces to feel beautiful and empowered!


Every woman needs a few pieces of bold + fun jewelry. Something that makes you stand out & pop! Don’t be afraid of those chunky, crazy colored pieces. The bolder the better!



Makeup is intended to enhance our beauty and make us not only feel but look like the beautiful strong women we are! Thrive Causemetics is not only safe for women to use during their treatment but has amazing quality as well! What’s even more special about Thrive Causemetics is that they provide a special brand of false lashes that don’t require the wearer to have lashes. This lash is intended for women who deal with loss of eyelash hair during treatment to still be able to use!


Some women prefer to wear a hat, scarf, or headwrap while dealing with hair loss or while dealing with the awkward stages of their hair growing back in. Who says your head piece can’t be as fashionable as the rest of your outfit? Try going out of your comfort zone and going for a bright + bold head piece!