Soy + Breast Cancer…

There is so much information out there currently of things that could cause breast cancer. It is often thought certain foods are bound to increase your risk of breast cancer. The main culprit? Soy. But can including soy in your diet really lead you to ultimately have breast cancer? I’m here to help break down all things soy and ultimately why you shouldn’t eliminate it from your healthy diet.

Soy + Estrogen

Yes, breast cancer is linked to increased levels of estrogen within your body. High levels of estrogen can increase your risk for breast cancer according to Mayo Clinic. However, the types of estrogen and levels of estrogen do not impact your personal risk of breast cancer. In fact, two servings a day of soy such as soy milk or edamame is a healthy addition to your diet.


Phytoestrogens are not only found in soy but other plant-based foods, including fruits and some grains. Phytoestrogens are helpful in women who are approaching menopause as they rebalance hormones (Medical News Today). They are beneficial in relieving hot flashes, preventing osteoporosis, and actually fighting breast cancer. Where the misconception comes is by incorporating synthetic phytoestrogens with higher levels of estrogen than what is found in the natural form.

What are Isoflavones?

You may have seen that soy has isoflavones. This may lead to confusion, but is actually quite simple! Isoflavones are just a class of phytoestrogens, so they still do not increase your risk for breast cancer if you are consuming through soy or other plant-based foods (Oregon State University).

So, don’t be discouraged to enjoy your favorite soy milk or order that edamame at your go-to sushi spot! Soy actually provides so many health benefits that can set you up for a happy healthy life. For more information about breast cancer prevention and other breast cancer resources, visit our iGoPink Free Downloads page.