Social Media and It’s Effect on Your Mental Health…

The rise of social media has allowed us to be more connected then we’ve ever been before. Social media platforms have their benefits, however, using and relying on them too often can make you feel isolated and unhappy. Self-esteem, lack of human connection and memory are a few ways social media can negatively affect your mental health.


Insecurities are a natural part of who we are. Everyone has insecurities they are open about, and some they prefer to keep to themselves. However, social media can cause you to constantly compare yourself to others by stalking someone’s “perfect photos,” relationship status, or how many likes they got. It’s more important to focus on yourself, to increase your confidence, then it is to scroll through other’s profiles.


Human Connection 

Communication and personal connections are an important part of who we are as human beings. With social media, we eliminate the direct human contact and are left with communicating online or scrolling through someone’s photos to see what they’ve been up to. Social media allows people to create their own online persona that may be perceived different than how they are in real life. The people you meet and have a relationship with, in person, are the ones who get to see who you really are. It’s better to surround yourself with the people who accept you for who you are, rather than those who only know the online persona you created. Having the love and support of the ones in your real life is important for your mental health.


 Memories are the things we hold onto to look back on as we grow up. Facebook may have the ability to pull up memories of posts or photos you’ve shared in the past, but do they portray what really happened? Many of us think about the photo or the post we’re going to share instead of enjoying the experience for ourselves. It’s important to remember to take a break from social media to really absorb what’s happening in the moment. You might have a better memory of an experience you’ve had through your own memories in your head, rather than trying to remember what happened by scrolling through your memories on your feed.