Smoke Alarms

My cooking is so fabulous, even the smoke alarm cheers me on!

Seriously, leave it to me to burn literally everything. I think at this point I have actually changed my taste buds to like the taste of burnt food.

When I moved out of my parents’ house after high school to attend college, one of the biggest life lessons I had to learn was to cook for myself. Before college I was the ‘okay, mom and dad aren’t home to make me food, so cereal it is!’ kind of person. I remember trying some cook book recipes and horribly failing. I just don’t have the knack for cooking and baking like some people do.  Since I cannot cook to save my life, but need to eat to live, I went searching for a solution to my problem.  

I am from the great state of Texas where we have these wonderful things called My Fit Foods and HEB. Literally the biggest time, life, and pride saver ever! My Fit Foods pre-makes nutrient rich meals for individuals to buy instead of having to cook healthy meals themselves, and HEB is a local grocery store located all around Texas that offers premade nutrient rich meals as well. Having premade meals saved me all the hassle of cooking and allows me to make sure I am not incorporating processed food in my diet. Now I don’t spend my days stressing out over what I am going to ATTEMPT to make for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. All I do is grab a premade meal from the frig, pop it in the microwave, and then enjoy some of the best tasting meals I have ever had!

Even though I feel like a princess having all my meals cooked for me, I know that isn’t always going to be an option. There will be times where I am going to need to eventually cook for more than just myself, so I still practice occasionally or search for guidance in making myself a better chief. My favorite place to turn to is Pinterest. I can do a quick search and find simple but amazing recipes that are easy to follow.  And believe it or not, most of the time they actually turn out amazing! I pick what to search for by seeing what I have at home already to use as ingredients. A lot of times I pull out a couple of chicken breast from the freezer and look up healthy chicken recipes.

I know a lot of us women are crazy busy and some days it’s hard to even find time to look through Pinterest, so my go to for those days are crockpot recipes. Most of the time when I am lying in bed the night before an upcoming busy day, is when I look for a crockpot recipe I could do. That next morning, I pull all my ingredients out, throw it all in the crockpot, set it to X number of hours, and go on with my busy day knowing when I get home, dinner will be served!

I have always heard meal prepping is the best way to go, firstly because buying meat and veggies in bulk turns out cheaper, secondly you only have to dirty your kitchen once a week, and third you don’t have to spend hours each day cooking. So, when I do find a recipe I love, I make it in bulk and separate it into labeled container for each day. This makes my busy days so much easier, knowing I have all my meals cooked and ready to go for the week. Going through breast cancer isn’t easy and it is very time consuming to attend all the treatments and doctors’ visits, but Pinterest is there to help! Look up quick, easy, and most important, healthy recipes to save you some time in the kitchen, and extra time to spend taking care of your health. You can even take a look at our iGoPink Health Grocery Shopping List for ideas!

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