In the beauty industry today, it seems like there are 100 products to fix every single problem you might have when it comes to your skincare – wrinkle cream, firming lotion, or hydrating products. There are so many products it can be overwhelming and hard to know exactly what your skin might be needing. So, we’ve come up with a skincare routine that you can easily adopt at any age and what your skin might be needing as you age.

In Your 20s

Hitting your early twenties is the perfect time to really start focusing on establishing a skincare routine to preserve your youthful glow. While there are tons of products on the market to test out, here are some of the main items to make a staple in your routine.

  1. Sunscreen – one thing that causes harm to the skin in general is the sun. But not wearing enough sunscreen can bring on early skin aging such as wrinkles, dark spots and dried out skin.
  2. Moisturizer – during your 20s you are more likely to stay out late and push the boundaries. So, finding a moisturizer is essential to keeping your skin hydrated and plump looking. You can even find a good hydrating moisturizer with SPF and kill two birds with one stone!
  3. Cleanser – While its best to wash your face in the morning and at night, its crucial to make sure you are using a good, non-drying cleanser. If you’re using the wrong cleanser you could be getting in the way of your moisturizers main job. Whether you are able to wash your face twice or just once a day, always remember, never sleep in your makeup!
  4. Nighttime Treatment – It’s never too early to start incorporating a night cream as it can only set you up for success in the skin game. Finding a treatment with peptides can help in preventing fine lines and wrinkles.

In Your 30s

Even if you used all the listed treatments in your 20s one thing most people often notice when they hit their thirties is their complexion looking duller than they remember. Try these skincare products to help brighten and bring your skin back to life.

  1. Cleanser – you might be wondering, but I already use a cleanser? True, but, at different ages it’s important to find cleansers that are working towards your current skincare issues. Focus on finding a gentle cleanser that has hydroxy acids to help increase your cell renewal leading to brighter skin.
  2. Serum – while keeping up with your moisturizers is still important, adding in a serum will give you an extra boost in the skincare game.

In Your 40s, 50s, and 60s

So now your skincare routine should be pretty extravagant right? Well here is a nighttime treatment that is crucial to switching to in your forties.

  1. Retinol – when getting into your forties it’s worth it to spend a bit more on your normal nighttime routine by incorporating a retinol. Retinol treatments boost collagen and elastin to help prevent any further sagging as you age.