Shop + Save Money with These Easy Tips…

With the current back to school mode for many families, shopping is at the forefront of many minds. Either that, or we’re all looking forward to the fuzzy sweaters and fall season to start rolling around!  But who wants to pay full price for things?  (Not me—I’m a super savvy shopper and am always looking for the next sale of my wish list items!)  So today I’m sharing with you some of my money saving tips for shopping at any time of the year!


If you’re not really into having to watch the weekly sales postings but you like to save on what you’re looking for, look no further than your good old cell phone or computer to e-shop out deals.  As many people see and know, ecommerce is a booming industry and makes it so easy to shop around and make sure you’re getting the best price. 

My tip when it comes to this…if you know of a store that has the product you’re looking for, go see it in person.  1.  You may not truly like it after seeing it in person or 2. It may not fit and be as good as it looks online.  If you do like it, take a picture of it, note the model/make/style and then shop it around online.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found the EXACT same item online but for a fraction of the cost.


Every product has its season for being ‘on sale’.  You can type in Google, “best time of year to buy a fridge” and you’ll see it says September or October before manufacturers launch their new models.  Each industry has it’s best of time to shop. 

But if you missed that peak time, my BEST piece of advice is to shop throughout the year for things that you know you’re going to need(not want, but need) as you see them go on tremendous sale.  Example: I’ve already bought our daughter a new winter coat for this year…but I bought it this past March when everything was on 80% off.  I KNOW she’s going to need a new one as she’s growing like a weed. So plan ahead, make a list on your phone of items you know you need (or I even do this for gifts…if I hear that someone really wants XYZ item, I make a note of it and start to shop around for it/note when it comes on drastic sale.)


One of my favorite secrets to success shopping…coupons!   Ask my family, I get my frugal shopping skills from my grandmother who would never shop without a coupon.  From a department store that has mailers of 20% off a single item, to craft stores, restaurants, etc.  I’m ALWAYS on the hunt for a deal!  Some of my favorite resources for steals are:;;, and then scoping out (esp for home based services) and also utilizing our local grocery stores online app (in Texas it’s HEB…can’t tell you how many free items I get just by using their app and typing in my phone number at check out!)  Yes, it takes some time, but the amount of savings or cash back blows me away at the end of the day!

There you have it!  My favorite picks for saving money when shopping! Whether it’s for back to school, birthdays or holidays, there are so many ways that you can give amazing gifts by doing a little research and leg work to find a deal!  Your friends will love the gifts and your wallet will thank you! Happy shopping!