Sana’s Story


I was given the ultimate life changing and devastating news that any daughter could hear. My mother had been diagnosed with stage II B intraductal breast cancer. I received the news from my mother herself. Once I fully comprehended the situation, the ground beneath my feet had been ripped out from under me.

Finding out my mother, my caretaker, my emotional support and above all my best friend, may have a short time to live, absolutely shattered me. My mother had to be hospitalized in the ICU for almost a month because of the double mastectomy she had to get done. Being the oldest child, I was put in a position where I had to step up and take charge to care for my two younger siblings, as well as my father who spent relentless hours with my mother in the ICU. I went from being an average teenager complaining about last night’s pre-calculous homework to having to care for and become the role model for two young children.

I look back thinking about how difficult this time was for my family because we never realized how much my mother did for us, but if it weren’t for these struggles I would not have gained the confidence and belief that I could take care of others as well as myself. This was a time that brought my family closer and become each other’s strengths in such a hard time. I am not so grateful for my mother and everything she does for me. Fortunately, she is now cancer-free and able to continue living her life as she previously did. I am so thankful that I have such an amazing mother and she has given a second change at life.  

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