Life can get busy. Trying to excel in your career, keeping a happy family & home, trying to maintain a social life, trying to watch what you eat, drink enough water, exercise enough, have a solid skin routine down, staying in tune with your faith & spirituality – you get the gist. Even if I didn’t sleep – I often think would I have enough time in the day to get everything done? Probably not but hey, here I am trying to be super mom! So how do I rest myself when I’m feeling overwhelmed?

Stress management is important to your everyday health. When diagnosed with breast cancer or other illnesses, you may even here your medical team tell you to try and reduce stress as much as possible, and it’s for a good reason. While we all try to be super moms, dads, friends, employees, or employers, it’s important to remember that stress can affect not only your mental health, but physical health as well. American Psychological Association states that stress can have effects on your reproductive, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, respiratory systems and much more.

 So, you feel overwhelmed and stressed, that’s normal. But here’s how you can rest yourself when you feel overwhelmed!

Get In a Good Workout

The rush of endorphins you get from a good workout can trigger a “happy feeling” in your body and improve your overall mood. Whether you like to run, lift heavy, box, spin, swim, or any other form of exercise, make sure to work it in at least 3 times a week. While it does improve your physical health it also greatly improves your mental health.

Pray, Meditate & Journal

One thing I learned many years ago is to let go of your negative energy, give it the universe and lay it to rest. Say it out loud during prayer, meditate on it, or write it down. Sometimes listing out what is causing you stress can be a helpful factor. 

Deep Clean

I used to believe that cleaning was a chore and I loathed it. After watching the life changing show on Netflix, tidying up with Marie Kondo, I look at keeping my space(s) clean in a whole different perspective. Cleaning out and keeping your living and workspace has a profound calming effect. Take an afternoon to get your ducks in order. Clean out that closet you’ve been putting off or the cabinets in the bathroom. You’d be surprised at how much better you feel afterwards.

Take A Nap

A thousand and one books, blogs, and inspirational speakers may tell you the opposite thing; tackle your tasks, get it done and out of the way, so you don’t have to continue to worry about it. Truth is, that isn’t always the best approach. That load of laundry isn’t going anywhere, the dishes will be there tomorrow, you still have a few days to turn in your paper or complete your task at work. Give yourself a break. Take a nap, go to bed and leave it for the next day. You’d be amazed at how much better things look/sound after getting some much-needed rest. So take it literally when we say rest yourself when you feel overwhelmed!

Take a Mental & Emotional Time Out

I am a person who avidly participates in “time outs”. Mostly because I may enjoy being alone more than I enjoy being around a crowd. I value my alone time and my mind and body thank me for it. It’s important to know that you don’t need to be constantly on the go or getting things done. It’s okay to say no to plans, if you have PTO or sick days at work, USE THEM, take a vacation to a calming and relaxing place. We can all get so wrapped up in our lives that we can forget that honestly, the things we stress about are so small compared to what’s happening around our vast world. Its important to take a break, remind yourself that you are blessed, and put yourself back into perspective.