Refreshing + Healthy Summer Salads…

Healthy Summer salads are some of my favorite nightly dinner meals to turn to!  They’re quick, they’re healthy and they’re packed full of nutrients that are fresh to purchase during the summer months! 

Looking for a few healthy summer salad ideas to add to your meal planning calendar?  Look no further!


Watermelon Caprese:  We’ve probably all had the standard Italian caprese but come summertime, swap your tomatoes for fresh watermelon slices.  Don’t be quick to judge the combo of watermelon, mozzarella, basil and a balsamic vinaigrette glaze…it’s amazing sprinkled with a little sea salt also! 


3-Bean protein:  MY FAV…shelled edamame beans, can of black beans (rinsed & drained) and can of garbonzo beans (rinsed and drained).  Mix together with the juice of one lime, salt, pepper, a splash (or as much as you like) of hot sauce, ¼ cup of EVOO and 1/3 cup of both chopped cilantro and chopped sweet onion.  Let it marinade overnight (mix it up a few times)…this is packed of protein and one of my fav ‘on the go’ lunches. 


BBQ Chicken Salad:  Such a great and easy way to use up left overs.  Take any extra BBQ chicken and put it on top of a bed of lettuce, throw in some corn, black beans, tomatoes and cilantro.  Top with a little extra BBQ sauce and some low fat ranch dressing. 

Kitchen Sink:  Ever open your fridge and feel like you have a ton of ‘leftovers’ of fresh veggies that you don’t want to go bad?  Whip them into something amazing, healthy and fresh.  I love doing this with some leftover cooked quinoa also.  I start with whole grain quinoa as my base and typically tend to have peppers, onions, edamame or some beans, tomatoes, corn and avocado.  I’ll mix these all in a bowl (sometimes adding in some crumbled feta or a cheese of some sort for a mix).  Top it with some EVOO and a splash of red wine vinegar and then season to taste…my go to dried herbs (depending on which veggies I have in the mix) are dill, basil and parsley.  Sometimes I’ll add in some hot sauce too.  Your body will just feel clean when you’re done eating! 


Watermelon Bowl:  This is always such a hit at parties (yet so easy and simple!)  Purchase a seedless watermelon.  Using a melon baller, scoop out the insides of one half of the melon. Do the same to another type (AND COLOR—to add in mixture) melon also.  Mix together in a bowl with some clean blueberries.  Then pour all of the melon balls and blueberries back into half of the melon for serving and top with some fresh mint.  It’s so festive and suddenly makes melon a one-bite finger food (great for kids and poolside!)

So mix up your summer salads…there are no rules that say you must have the standard Italian or Caesar salad ingredients to make it salad night!  Open your minds and whip up something new.  This is a wonderful fresh time of the year to do so!  And for more healthy recipes be sure to check out the recipe section of our iGoPink Life Blog.