Refresh Your Skincare Routine

For those of you who have read previous blogs of mine where I talk about skin products, you’ll know I am slightly obsessed with how to keep my skin as clear and smooth as a baby’s bottom. I’ve recently been getting more into natural beauty products and being more aware of what I’m putting on my face. When doing an overview of our Feeling Beautiful Again Bag requests I see so many women say they would love to use face products again, but most can’t because of all the additives they put in a lot of products. All natural and organic products don’t have all the unnecessary chemicals, fillers, and parabens allowing women who receive treatment for breast cancer to still be able to use beauty products and take care of their skin how they want.  My bathroom cabinet is beauty and skin products galore, but check out my current favorite brands that I recommend for anyone wanting to take a walk on the all-natural side!

Leahlani Skincare is a very recent find but OMG I am a fan girl for this line!Leahlani Skincare– Okay, so this is a very recent find but OMG I am a fan girl for this line! First, if you are unknown to this brand, do yourself a favor and check their website out right now! Ok wait, finish reading this blog but then check it out lol.

The beauty balm has worked wonders in the last week I started religiously using it. My t-zone has always been a very difficult spot, always being dry and rough to the touch. This balm smells like heaven and leaves your face feeling so smooth! Another plus is that it acts as a makeup remover and a lip balm. Triple threat, this is definitely a steal! A few girls in the office tried this product over the course of a week as well and we found it works best on normal, dry or mature skin. If you tend to deal with oily skin you may want to try another one of their other products that are targeted for your skin type!

Meli Glow Nectar Mask– If you’re looking for half snack half face mask, look no further! Okay, just kidding lol but really, I’ve gone through my fair share of masks and I’ve never tried one that legitimately tastes good (no I didn’t purposely eat it, I accidentally got some on the inside of my lip while applying lol). I guess that’s a plus of using all-natural product! Following instructions, I rubbed this on for 1 minute and left it on my face for 10 minutes. When I washed it off my face looked noticeably brighter and the blotchy redness I get on my cheeks was almost all gone! I only got the sample size of this product but i will without a doubt buy the full size!

Burt’s Bee’s– This is probably the easiest and most available all-natural beauty line on the market. It’s found in almost every major retail or pharmacy store. Burt’s Bee’s is probably the easiest and most available all-natural beauty line on the market.Affordable and cautious about what their customers are putting on their skin, burts bees is and always will be a long-time favorite of mine. We have been lucky enough to have large quantities donated to us from this beyond generous company and to date, we’ve been able to supply over 8,000 face wipes, lip balms, body lotions and much more to breast cancer survivors and patients nationwide and we continue to do so!

 My current favorite product (I literally carry these in my purse because I love them so much) is their peach-willow bark exfoliating facial wipes. These babies smell SO good, remove my makeup with just one facial wipe vs. using 2 sometimes 3 depending on what brand you buy, and they leave my face feeling super fresh and clean!

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