The Real Power of Positivity

One of the most awesome things I’ve encountered since joining The Breast Cancer Charities of America’s team is the amount of times I’ve seen the words “be positive” in our Survivor Stories.  I am awed by the countless stories of survivors and fighters, but I could not see how such a simple statement could have such an impact on these people… I would tell myself maybe I wasn’t going through a struggle that is anywhere near theirs?  But then I had the chance to finally see that reading those words over and over again, and taking them to heart, could have a profound effect on me.

We are all human.  There will inevitably be something in our life that will cause us to feel outraged, resentful, and sometimes even just plain hateful.  For me, I was that person who I felt deserved to feel all these things towards them.  I felt that since they had caused me such massive wrongdoing that’s what they deserved.

Then, one day I received a random call from them. I was already stressed out with my life at the moment, and now I had to deal with this? Just my luck…right?  Instead of acting in my usual fashion of anger when I answered the call, it was like a light bulb sparked inside my head.  All I wanted to do was tell that person about all the positive things I had going on in my life, despite everything I was stressed out about and the negativity I felt towards them. I couldn’t even believe the words coming out of my mouth; it was such a freeing feeling. At that point, I realized what these women meant by to “be positive.” When you find yourself wanting to break down and fall apart, you have to find a way to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

My friends joke about me being a “real life Grinch,” and now I get why they would say that. I would stay stuck in a negative place whether everything was going right or wrong.  I found it easier to be negative. 

Will, I feel like that again? I will.  Like I said, we are all human and life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies.  For now, I’d rather take what I’ve learned from so many of those fighting breast cancer and try, really try, to just… be positive.

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