Have you had some goals on the back of your mind that you just haven’t gotten around to pursuing quite yet? Is it to be more active? Pursue your passion? Be more present in moments? Be more active in your preventative (breast cancer included) health? Whatever it may be 2020 is right around the corner. A new decade with a plethora of new opportunities to be the you YOU dream to be! And while starting the new year with some fresh goals can seem a bit “resolution-y,” this is a great time to take charge.

We often make “New Years resolutions” but never know where to start, or even grasp what all is involved in accomplishing those goals you have set. I’m a very goal-oriented person, goals drive me in all honesty, so I wanted to share how you can prep for the new year and begin this next decade.

1. Identify the goal and get it out of your brain

You must write it down. On a sticky note, on your mirror, or as your computer wallpaper get that goal out of your brain and into the world keeping it on the fore front of your mind.

2. Plan for Success

Want to have a healthier diet? Get rid of the trigger foods in your house. Want to pursue your dream job? Do your research. Whatever your goal is, having a plan will help guide you throughout the year.

3. Set Small Goals

If you set smaller goals that eventually build into your final goal, you are more likely to get where you want to be. If by December 2020 you want to be able to run a full marathon, you can set running goals each month that build to the ultimate goal of completing that December marathon. Hitting the smaller goals also provides affirmation that you are closer to where you want to be.

4. Get Your Friends Involved

I like to share my goals with my husband and close friends. They then know that I am truly serious and are there to support me along the way. Your friends may also want to join you on your journey to reaching the YOU you want to be. Accountability is huge in goal setting/achievement.

5. Document Your Journey

Whether it be through journaling or becoming more active and open on your social media platforms. Regular documentation of your successes, roadblocks, and thoughts can help you along the way. It’s also amazing to reflect on how far you’ve come throughout the year if you are ever having a hard time and need a little extra push.