plastic glass risk breast cancer

Plastic vs Glass: Why One Can Affect Your Breast Cancer Risk…

Have you ever thought about the use of plastic vs. glass containers…not for how it impacts the environment but how it impacts your daily health?  Did you know that plastic containers vs. glass containers can affect your breast cancer risk?  Now I think I may have your attention! 

Well, the answer to the above questions is yes…plastic containers can link to an increase in numerous cancers and other diseases.  Think about all the ways that you may choose glass vs. plastic on a daily/weekly basis. Water bottles, to-go containers (from leftovers to taking lunch to work/school), heating things up in the microwave and more.  Our American culture is very apt to the quick plastic container to go! 

But the chemicals that are used in making those containers are so incredibly harmful to people of all ages.  We’ve probably all heard of the chemical BPA and how MANY brands and manufacturers will market “BPA-free”…why?  BPA has scientifically been shown to be tied to cancer development, reproductive system issues as well as brain/hormone imbalances.  Although BPA is a more well-known chemical/used to market plastics as being ‘safe’ there are many other chemicals that go into making plastics that continue to have side effects and limited chemical testing.

Then for the next phase, using these plastics to heat.  Everything from leaving a water bottle in your car in the summer to heating your leftovers in a plastic container.  When heat interacts with the chemicals that plastics are made of, the plastic is more likely to leach chemicals vs. glass (which has a limited/next to nothing risk of chemicals when heated.)  Leaving your water and food being filled with plastic toxins merely because of the method of storage.


So what do you do?

In my opinion, I’ve always preferred glass over plastic…and then when I started learning of the health benefits, it made me switch nearly everything to glass.  I personally believe food and water stored in glass tastes better.  It doesn’t have that ‘plastic’ smell or taste.  I use a glass water bottle at home that I refill all day over drinking from plastic bottles and I store all leftovers in glass wear vs. plastic dishes. 

If you’re trying to be environmentally conscious as well, glass is MUCH better for the environment and creates much less waste than plastic.  Think of how many plastic water bottles you toss out daily!  Or how long that square plastic lunch container ACTUALLY lasts?  A few weeks? My glass containers, I can honestly say I’ve had some of them for 5+ years.


Like many health decisions, be educated.  When I started reading years ago about the health impact of BPA and plastic chemicals it drastically scared me.  The videos and doctor’s articles that point blank link plastics to cancers and other diseases is frightening.  Do your homework…but recognize that a simple change, accumulated over a high volume of use, could make a major impact in your health…proactively and preventatively!