Planning Your Christmas Lists

Who and what are on your giving list?


I love the holiday season. The food, the time with my family, and definitely the presents! My love language is gifts, and I love to both give and (of course) receive. Every year, I start by making a list of every person I need to give a gift to, and this year that list was about 15-20ish people. I have 3 immediate families and also my boyfriend’s family, add on coworkers and friends, and your list is pretty large! You may not have that many people to buy for, or maybe you do a “Secret Santa” situation, but either way, make a list! It’s so helpful.

I like to make my list on the notes section of my phone, and I put everyone in order of family. Next, I’ll write in things I think they’ll like then narrow it down to what I’m definitely going to purchase. Finally, I check it off when it’s done! So I’ll use my boyfriend’s family for example, and it looks something like:


I’ve already given them all their gifts, so no secrets are being ruined 😉

This is great for me so that when I’m out and about, I can refer to this and see who I  may need to pick something up for still! It also helps me with time frames. There is nothing worse than buying everyone’s gifts one one paycheck when your fresh out of college and still learning how to budget… I put everyone in order of family that I’ll be seeing first to make sure I have everything prepared and can budget accordingly!

I’m a little type A, but it really does make the gift giving season so much easier. I went shopping with my step mom and little sister last weekend, and in every story I would check my list to make sure I didn’t need to pick anything up I may have missed.

Whether you have a larger family or only a person or two to buy for, try out this super easy list and see how it works!

-Tori Carruth

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