Patricia’s Story

patricia's storyI was first diagnosed with breast cancer in April. On top of being born with a heart defect and having 3 heart surgeries, I now face breast cancer. I was scheduled for a lumpectomy and node cell removal on May 31 shortly after being diagnosed. Because of my heart defect, I began having heart palpitations from the chemotherapy I began taking after radiation. So it definitely was a rough journey through treatment.

I had such a problem with fatigue during treatment, and it just seemed like problem after problem kept arising as I even suffered from bad burns and pain from radiation. But my family and God kept me strong and gave me the most support I could have needed, my sister most importantly has brought me such joy during this difficult time. My advice to others going through this difficult journey is to stay strong and just keep fighting. It is so important to be positive and pro-active to prevent and fight against breast cancer, so I encourage men & women to get a mammogram each year.

I am so thankful for this life I live and those who have supported me during this time. Thank you iGoPink for letting me share my story and advice to others!

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