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Recently, I have moved back to my parents’ house while I continue my education. Moving back has come with its ups and downs though. I miss being able to decorate or organize everything the way I like. I had everything I wanted in the place that I wanted it to be in. I am a little OCD on things and I just cannot go on with my day knowing things are misplaced or not organized. My dear mother, on the other hand, doesn’t take as much time as me to reach the level of organization or design as myself, which can bring on some definite unneeded stress!

So, to try and eliminate the stress, I have spent a lot of time reorganizing my parents’ home each week. To help me achieve my organization satisfaction I have turned to my old trusted friend, Pinterest. There I found a ton of creative ideas to help me get the house in order, and an effortless way to keep it organized as well.

My biggest stress for the organization comes from the kitchen, so I searched to find solutions there first. In my search, I found the brilliant idea to use dividers to separate the assorted sizes of storage containers. This was a huge find for me because at our house we only have one cabinet assigned for storage containers and we have an abundance (too many) of containers. Before I started organizing the kitchen, it was a throw it in the cabinet and close the door quickly before they all fell over kind of thing, but now that had the dividers in place even my mom finds it convenient to place the containers and lids in its place to make for an easier access to them when they are needed.

Next, I turned to the pantry. I found these cute storage container ideas to make looking for specific ingredients easier than ever. How many of you go to the grocery store and buy ingredients for dinner that you didn’t know you already had at home? I did it all the time before I set out to organize our pantry. You can make labels or use a black sharpie to label any container to make it known what fixings you have. I love using clear containers so I can visually see exactly how much of what ingredient I have in the container as well. My mom is a monogramming fanatic, so I asked her to use her cricket machine to make fun font labels for each container. Now, when I open the pantry to write my grocery list, I know exactly what I have because of it not all random bags and boxes piled up on each other, but neat and organized labeled containers that are easy to read.  

Going through breast cancer isn’t easy. A lot of time is put into taking care of your health, so anywhere possible you can save time by having things easily and conveniently accessible is very helpful. Having an organized kitchen is a fantastic way to start on your organization satisfaction. Not having to worry about things being out of place or the frustration of finding items will be one less problem to worry about.

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