One Pan Dinners for The Busy Bees

After working all day that last thing I want to do is come home and cook an extraordinary dinner. Typically, I just feel like popping in some chicken nuggets or making a sandwich and calling it a night. But at the same time, I really want to enjoy a 3-course meal.

So many people do the whole crock-pot thing and after moving into our new home, we are limited on what we have available, aka, we don’t have a crockpot yet! So, I of course, as always, turned to Pinterest to solve my laziness problems.

I found these meals called ‘Sheet Pan Meals’ and the best part is, you throw a bunch of frozen veggies, chicken, and potatoes on one cookie sheet and pop it in the oven and you’re done! Sometimes you can get extra fancy and add different dressings or seasonings, but I just buy the pre-seasoned stuff for one less step. But the best part about these meals, is that not only are they easy, they are actually healthy! You can’t go wrong with some protein and vegetables.

I love to cook and wish I had more time and energy to do so, but for those days that I’m just not feeling on breaking out my inner Bobby Flay, I go to this amazing method. It really has saved me so much time, and I’m sure my fiancé appreciates me not whining as much.

I’ve linked a few of my favorite recipes below, but make sure to check out our Healthy Grocery list for more options on what you can use in your Sheet Pan Meals!


Sheet Pan Teriyaki Salmon 

Italian Sausage & Veggies 

One Pan Balsamic Chicken and Veggies 


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