When thinking about Thanksgiving the typical feast that comes to mind is a delicious roasted turkey with stuffing, potatoes and gravy and a delicious pumpkin pie. And of course, your other family Thanksgiving traditions too!

For many families, Thanksgiving is the time of year for everyone to gather together and talk about what they are thankful for while enjoying each other’s company. But as families grow and add new family members, traditions can often change. Whether your family has food-focused traditions or something more relaxing, we hope you find a few new traditions to incorporate into your holiday this year!

1. Volunteer Together

On Thanksgiving there are a lot of families who are less fortunate and cannot afford to have a big feast. Grab your family and volunteer at a local shelter to give to those less fortunate this year and make a difference to other families.


2. Have the Kids Set the Table

If your family has lots of kids, they often times don’t have a lot to do so get them involved and have them help set the table! They’ll feel proud of their accomplishment and look forward to the traditions they get to take part in when they are older.


3. Make a New Dish

Wanting to spice up your Thanksgiving dinner and change it up from the same dishes year after year? Find a new dish to try and each year bring something new for everyone to try! Try one of our favorite healthy thanksgiving recipes.

4. See A Movie With the Family

One of the few places that is open on Thanksgiving is the movie theater. Grab your family after you eat and see the latest movie to spend some quality time together.

5. Run a 5K Together

Looking for a more active thing to do on Thanksgiving? Try running your local Turkey Trot with the family! Burn some extra calories before sitting down to a big feast!