Why you need a Fitness Buddy

It’s Fitness Friday and I want to talk a little about my favorite fitness routine this summer. For the summer time, my best friend Maci is living with me. In which, we get to be each other’s fitness buddies! Nothing gets me going or pushes me harder than having someone at the gym with me, making sure I get every minute of cardio in, every pound of weight used, and every rep and set done.

Maci and I have been friends since middle school, but never really took the initiative to work out together due to different outside school activities schedules. Then once it was time to head off to college, we picked two different schools to attend, which put miles between us. Now that we are both in the same area and even the same house together, being each other’s fitness buddies has never been more perfect.

Maci does have a different work schedule than me though. I work 9am-5pm Monday thru Fridays, and she is currently going to school online and working as a waitress at random hours during the week. Since our schedules don’t always work out, we do have to accommodate days in advance normally for when we can both get to the gym. Thankfully we go to a gym that is 24/7, so those nights she gets off at 11 pm we can still get our workout in. We are currently doing a workout plan made by Katy Hearn, an Instagram fitness goddess. Most of the workouts are crazy hard to get through, so I am very thankful I have Maci to push me to finish every day’s work out. However, there are days that going to the gym just doesn’t fit in the plans, but we know we need to still get some kind of physical activity in. On those days, we take the time to do a late-night run around the neighborhood followed by a high-intensity short workout in the backyard.

One issue we do run into is making our workout schedule for the week. Like I mentioned before Maci and I do have different work schedules, but we also have different preferences on times to wake up. I am a go to bed early and wake up early kind of person, whereas Maci is a go to bed late and wake up late kind of person. So, figuring out a time to work out on days where we are just super busy is somewhat hard sometimes.

If you have trouble getting yourself to the gym or completing a workout while at the gym, my advice to you is to get a buddy! A fitness buddy keeps you accountable for completing your goals. My summer fitness routine is so much fun having my best friend tag along with me it consists of constant laughter and tons of memories in the making.

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