Being Mentally Fit—The Way it Impacts Your Health

At the Breast Cancer Charities of America, we value the importance of the Mind, Body, and Spirit connection for wellness! A healthy connection of Mind, Body, and Sprit helps us lead our lives to the fullest! When one of those three components are lacking… we may feel off balanced or out of sorts. 

Let’s chat today a little bit about the mind and the importance of mental health. 

Mental Health is imperative for wellness.  In our Create Wellness Booklet, there is a mental health checklist that looks at well-being (click here to download your free copy at: 

To take the survey, answer “yes” or “no” to the following:

I have someone I can talk to about my feelings

I have trustworthy friends I can talk to

I sleep well most of the time

I usually eat healthy

I exercise regularly

I make time for myself

I find joy in helping others

I know how to, and often do, relax

I treat myself and others with kindness

I feel confident that my friends, family and doctors know what works for me


Congratulate yourself on all your “yes” answers!  If you found yourself answering “no” often, reflect on how you could change those responses to “yes”. 

Being aware of your mental state is a part of wellness.  Several factors such as healthy relationships, positive and healthy life choices, personal growth opportunities, spiritual awareness, and positivity help us to handle the ups and downs we face through life.  These are the factors that make us resilient enough to combat stressors, anxiety, and poor behavioral choices. 

There are some warning signs that your mental health is in decline.  Be sure to self-evaluate often and look for some of these signs and symptoms highlighted by The National Institute of Mental Health:

Persistent sadness or feelings of hopelessness that are internal or observable

Abuse of alcohol and/or drugs

Dramatic changes in eating or sleeping habits

Appetite and/or weight changes

Decreased energy or fatigue

Excessive fear or worry

Seeing or hearing things that are not there

Extremely high and low moods

Aches, headaches, or digestive problems without a clear cause


Social withdrawal

Thoughts of suicide


If you experience any of these signs and symptoms seek help.  Talk to your doctor.  Be sure to honestly convey the feelings and thoughts that you may be having.   Also, ask questions!  Your mental wellness is just important as your physical health!  Many people feel just as you do.  You are not alone.  Talking about what you are experiencing open and honestly will help you feel safe, secure, and take the steps necessary for wellness!

If you have not done so already, click the link provided above!  There are several fantastic free downloads available to you from our website that assist in the Mind, Body, Spirit connection for wellness! 


Check them out!  You will be glad you did!  

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