It was a shock as we have no history of breast cancer in our family. I suddenly went from a very healthy, 45-year-old woman, to 45-year-old women with Stage 2 Triple Negative Breast cancer. Something I knew nothing about.

I was diagnosed with Stage 2 triple negative breast cancer on May 8, 2017, and I finished my treatment on February 13, 2018. My family and friends are who got me through it!! I honestly never knew I had such a huge support system! I never lacked a text or call from someone at the exact time I needed it. Also, strangers!!! It is great to look back and see all the support from strangers while I was going through my treatment! So many hugs and positive words.

After being diagnosed I learned, to try to live stress-free. It’s a struggle every day but one very much worth it. Having a positive outlook on everything…even when it doesn’t look too positive. Diet and exercise of course, but the exercise part has been slow going as chemo wreaks havoc on your body.

I know that staying positive during this time was hard, but without a doubt, my faith in God got me through the hardest times!! It’s something you must learn and work at every day but to me, it was all I had to get me through the horribly scary moments of cancer treatment. I’ve learned to give every worry to GOD and immediately give him the scary thoughts when they enter your mind. I’ve seen way too many things happen that only GOD could have done for me, it’s unbelievable. The peace I have grown to know, I wish everyone could have it. Even in my darkest hours I still found peace and rest. I’ve learned to literally say NO when the dark thoughts begin creeping in. And trust me in the beginning, middle and end of this they creep in constantly. I decided to have Faith over Fear and BELIEVE!

My advice to other breast cancer patients would be to stay positive! I believe positivity plays a huge factor on your healing. Do not be afraid to lean on people and take the help they offer! They just want to help and feel like they are doing something. I always tried to go to my chemo treatment with a positive outlook even when I would be given scary news right before going to the infusion room. I tried to bring smiles and laughter and a bit of normalcy to others as we all sat together with IV’s hooked up to us. Tried to make it as fun as possible and I met a lot of great women. You never know how you can affect someone or their day!

Now that I am 7 months post chemo, surgery, and radiation, I feel I am ready to help others! It was such a shock to me and to find out the type I had was Triple Negative was even more of a shock. I was in no shape, or so I thought, to be a role model. I see now how I’ve handled this entire situation has made an impact on many people and am grateful God has allowed me to be a role model to many women. I have a job that has the ability to reach many people and I believe he’s using me to do so. I was blessed to have a job that allowed me to take as long as I needed off. I was able to take 9 months off and focus on just myself. I am truly a changed person because of this! I have heard from so many people that I look healthier and younger now than before I began treatment! My surgeon just the other day told me that typically chemo ages you but he told me that it’s had the adverse effect on I know that’s because of my strengthened faith in GOD and the peace and strength I have found within myself that was always there, I just didn’t know it.


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