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If you’re one of those people who prefer to workout at home or go for a run around the neighborhood then those shorts and t-shirts you’ve been wearing may not be the best idea anymore if you’re noticing that you can’t feel your legs from how cold it is. If you’re also like me its time to go spend money on winter workout clothes that you truly, honestly, absolutely DO NOT need but, hey, I just paid off my credit card and its itching for me swipe it at Lululemon and the Nike Store.

My mom tried to tell me I didn’t need to buy winter workout clothes but, the only sweater I own is a VERY thin sweater for when it’s a chilly 60 degrees in the morning and raging 3,000 degrees by noon (that’s Texas for you). It doesn’t really shield the cold weather and probably wouldn’t hold up in a snowstorm. Not that we ever get snow storms here, but a girl can wish.

I know I made a lululemon reference above but if I’m being totally honest I own one pair of leggings from them and they were a gift. TBH, I spend too much money on makeup and snacks to regularly buy $100+ workout leggings. I’m just not about that life. I just prefer to indulge in my guilty pleasures and not be in competition of who has the priciest workout gear.

The lovely Target and Walmart have some really great options for winter workout gear that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Check out my top picks!

Joylab Women’s Performance High Waist Leggings

Danskin Fleece Full Zip Hoodie 

Athletex Full Zip Hoodie

C9 Champion Cold Weather Tight Leggings


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