Lois’s Story

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My name is Lois and I was diagnosed with cancer not too long ago, back in November of 2017. I am currently in treatment and in order or me to stay strong mentally and physically, I have relied heavily on my faith and trust in God as I go through this change in my life.

During this difficult journey, I have found relief in knowing that I have close friends, church family as well as my own family praying for me. It is such a great feeling knowing that I have a strong support system besides me, as well as knowing that God is healing me. The hardest thing for me right now is going through chemo and losing my appetite, but I am NOT letting it get me down!

Having a strong faith in God has got me through this difficult time, so my advice to fellow fighters is to get to know Him and trust in Him to the fullest. The American Cancer Society, who happens to be one of your resources, gave me your information and I am so thankful they did! Since receiving your beauty bag, it made me not only feel beautiful, but it was a reminder that there are other women going through this journey as well.

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