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Where do you find inspiration for yourself? Is it quotes you find online? Is it a person you follow on social media? I look for inspiration everywhere… but I never look to myself for inspiration. As a person who is quick to point out everyone’s achievements but her own, I am finding a way to turn that around. I recently read somewhere (don’t ask where, I believe I found it in a deep social media hole I had dug myself into) recognizing your achievements and praising yourself for those successes leads to inspiration, motivation, and overall improvement in your life.

You’re thinking, “Cool, thanks for that… now what?” We start writing letters to ourselves. Give credit where credit is due, monthly. Almost like a monthly report to yourself. I like to use pretty colors and pens and paper and write a note monthly. You can do it on your phone…you can voice record it… you can type it up and set it to email to yourself a month later.

Remind yourself of your accomplishments for the month. List every single one from “I made my bed everyday,” to “I secured a huge professional partnership.” When you look back on everything you have accomplished, you prove to yourself that you are great! List a few things you love about yourself, “I love my eyes, especially when I’m using my new eyeshadow,” or “I am such a great listener, my friends and family value that about me.” Finally make goals for yourself, keep them in your letter. Next month you’ll see if you achieved your goals.

When you acknowledge all the great things you have done within 30 days, it inspires you to do more. YOU ARE INSPIRING YOURSELF! Then you can use those Pinterest quotes and social media gurus as extra inspiration.

Be proud. You are great and have achieved great things. You are bound to achieve greater things

-Alix Josey

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